Klemzig Primary School

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LOTE - Language Other than English

teacher in front of smartboardAuslan (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the Deaf community in Australia. At Klemzig we teach students who are deaf and hearing through a bilingual/bicultural approach. A teacher of the Deaf, who is highly skilled in Auslan, works with a primary teacher and ancillary staff to deliver the curriculum in both Auslan and English.

The Klemzig school Centre for Deaf Education works within the bilingual/bicultural ethos of the school. The bilingual/bicultural programme follows similar philosophies to Sweden where children are expected to be children first and live a rich and full life by being exposed to the same curriculum as hearing students.

school choirIn partnership with families and other support services, teachers of the Deaf and Bilingual School Service Officers work with students who are deaf to design individual curriculum plans based of their learning needs.

The Auslan Bilingual preschool provides a language rich play environment for children who are deaf and children from deaf families. This programme provides children with a strong foundation through Auslan and English to develop communication, early literacy and numeracy, social interactions and relationships.

Once Deaf students are ready to start school they begin their learning journey in bilingual classrooms, learning alongside deaf and hearing students.